Estate Planning

If you have been in the unfortunate position where a family member has died, you may have dealt with a Lawyer that focuses on Estate Planning.  This is a service that is offered to help act as a middle person when talking about who gets what regarding possessions of the deceased.

Edinburgh Estate Planning Lawyers

You may be lucky and have this all taken care of, but in the event you haven’t we recommend this company in Edinburgh executrylawyers.  They are friendly, very knowledgeable and act with some tact and of course integrity.

The office in Edinburgh is in the City Centre and if you haven’t done this for yourself, then you really should make an appointment.  An Estate Planning Lawyer will take a note of what you want to happen with your assets, property, vehicle, children, pets etc and how you want any savings divided.

Estate Planning can be complex, but of course when someone has died all you want is for some peace and for these legal things to be sorted out as efficiently as possible.  There may be inheritance tax and capital gains tax to be taken into consideration, but ultimately you don’t have to worry about this, that’s the job of the Estate Planning Lawyer.

  • The other things that you should consider are Wills, Power of Attorney and ensuring that everything is in place.  Nobody likes to think of death, but the mess it can leave behind could easily be avoided.

If you have an appointment, have everything written down and take any bank statements etc. in with you, they will ask to see this information so they understand how best to help you.  We don’t believe there is a one-cost solution for estate planning, its individual to the household and what money is coming in and going out.  Estate Planning Lawyers can take the stress away during what will be a difficult time.