Power Of Attorney

Lose the ability to make decisions

If god forbid you were to lose the ability to make decisions for yourself, you would need to have a Power of Attorney sorted.  This person will make decisions that are legally binding on your behalf and act as your voice.  If you are aware of a medical condition that will worsen over the years, make the decision to appoint someone ASAP.  The cost can be approx. £400 + VAT, but speak to your local office for Execurty Lawyers to ask about a definite price.

It can be heartbreaking if someone doesn’t feel they can lead the same life they have, up until now.  But its better to know that they will be taken care of, even if they suffer from dementia, if they have appointed a Power of Attorney they will be able to have a comfortable life with the decisions this person has made.

If you are in a relationship and something happens, your partner does not have automatic rights over your welfare, that was surprising to us as we assumed that if you lived together you ought to have some rights and influence, but no.  This is why you should really have a legal document outlining your intention should the person be ill or cannot competently make sound and clear choices.

Power of Attorney

If you are going ahead with this, you should make an appointment with the firm we have linked on the Estate Planning page.  We find them to be really helpful and will speak in plain English about what you should do, why you should do it and when you should do it.

Legal Preparation

The legal aspect of daily life is very important, someone could happen when you walk out the door and you couldn’t have foreseen it coming at all.